Ciao, my name is Raffaello. I am a computer engineer with more than 10 years of experience in programming, currently working as a software architect. Usually, my main task where I work, is to draw and build solutions related to call centers and other general public attendance systems.

As expected from an engineer, I love to think about how to make things more efficient and build things with my hands. Hacking is also something I usually do (in the sense of repurposing things).

So, welcome to my first blog where I share my passion for technology, electronics, programming, and embedded devices. As a computing engineering graduate, I’ve got a degree in being obsessed with electronics and programming! Okay, that’s a lie, I became like this way before I went to college. I love spending hours tinkering with circuits and getting lost in lines of code.

On this blog, I’ll be sharing my expertise, knowledge, and questionable opinions on everything related to electronics, programming and maybe something else. From the tech trends to my latest fails you’ll find it all here! =]